beverage can holder
beverage can holder
beverage can holder

N Techniks

beverage can holder

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beverage can holder


N Techniks

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Beverage can adapter

Everyone knows the problem...
A cool RedBull from the gas station, into the car and bang! - when driving off, the can wobbles and half of it squirts out...

With this custom-fit adapter for any kind of small cans (Red Bull, etc.) something like that will never happen to you again!

The adapter ring has a closed bottom, so you don't mess up the center console if something should leak.
  • just wash it under water and put it back in
  • Heat resistance up to 150 degrees
  • N Techniks logos on front and back
  • Height of 70mm for a perfect hold
  • Width of about 75mm
  • suitable for most vehicles
  • closed bottom for better hold of the can