Kia Stinger GT ambient lighting RGB retrofit

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Kia Stinger GT ambient lighting RGB retrofit

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ambience:2 doors + dashboard
Illuminated air vents:Yes
Now equip them  RGB ambient lighting for your Kia Stinger GT at follow us!

you want in your Kia Stinger GTone high-quality ambient lighting - Then you are exactly right with us!

We have each other in the area Retrofitting the ambient lighting specialized on Kia vehicles to achieve a very nice result there.

For vehicles that already have ambient lighting installed as standard, we can expand it so that the nozzles and fittings can also be controlled via the original system.

  • Ambient lighting in the 2/4 doors and on the dashboard
  • Professional retrofit
  • available in one or more colors
  • 64 colors can be controlled via a smartphone app or remote control
  • 100% fit accuracy
  • high-quality LED chips & light guides
  • 2 year guarantee

What does a complete retrofit of the ambient lighting include?

Ambient lighting for 2/4 door panels:
A high-quality light guide is installed between the strips. The ambient lighting is switched on with the light. The LEDs are professionally connected behind the door panels and the dashboard so that the wiring cannot be seen. The ambient lighting is hardly visible when switched off, since an almost transparent light guide is installed.

Ambient lighting for the dashboard:
Since there is no ambient lighting on the dashboard ex works, we will retrofit one. Our ambient lighting is installed between the dashboard and the strip.

Ambient lighting with color control RGB:
The ambient lighting in RGB can be controlled via an app or with a remote control. You have free choice of color and can even use the app to choose between different functions such as flashing, color gradient, etc.

How does the conversion work::
You order the service as normal in the shop.After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation by email and will be contacted by a member of staff within 24 hours to arrange an appointment. The conversion usually takes between 6 and 7 hours.

Important! -Due to the current situation, we are unfortunately unable to offer a stay on site. The vehicle will be handed over without contact and can be picked up again after the conversion.